Sweet Pins Bow Seamed Stockings

$ 25.00

We're so excited to support one of our stockist by now carrying their Australian house brand seamed stockings, bringing them here to the United States! Thank you Sweet Pins!

Ultra sheer stockings with a contrasting reinforced foot and welt and a contrasting retro Cuban heel to elongate the leg. The sexy back seam is adorned with a little bow that sits on the back of the thigh, adding a feminine and flirty touch.

The back seam is added to the stocking by the same machine while it is knitted - this ensures that the seam is perfectly neat and slightly raised, just like genuine fully fashioned stockings. This method requires specific machines and longer production times, but we believe it is a luxurious touch that sets our product apart from many others.

Designed in Australia, manufactured in Italy and now sold in the US!

Yarn: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane
Denier: 20



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