For-Get-Me-Not Ouvert Tap Pants

$ 85.00

For those that want something a bit more sophisticated in their scandalous intimates, tap pants inspired by an original vintage piece from Mosh's personal collection of the same cut and open crotch functionality! The perfect mix of vintage glamour, boudoir loungewear, and unabashed sexuality.

This new design is made of a similar super comfortable sheer black mesh as our original Peepshow ouvert tap pants, but with a new polka dot pattern plus a Can-Can style ribbon and lace trim around the legs. Finishes with pink bows at side. The center seam is *completely* open from front to back with a black pearl edge for a "crotchless panty" effect. This open cut has a draped leg so that when you stand like a lady, these will do the same, looking like a more traditional tap pants. But if you don't, they won't either - leaving room for all sorts of scandal! ;)

This item is currently made to order and usually takes 2-4 weeks to construct just for you, may occasionally be longer. Please contact us for rush requests or custom inquiries. We can usually do sizes falling outside of the standard range or custom adjustments; some may require a small one-time patterning fee on your first order. Please contact us for more information.

Sizing Info

Photo credits:

Model: Mosh
Photographer: Alonza
Hair/Makeup: Mosh
Location: The Madonna Inn



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